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Guiding Young Professionals Towards
Better Financial Decisions

Practical financial advice that you can actually use.

Hi, I'm Rachel.

​I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional based in KL, Malaysia (and also a simultaneous interpreter, but that's a topic for another page). Before I started freelancing, I led business development, project management, and digital marketing portfolios in the IT industry for nearly 15 years.

Growing up without a mentor to guide me, I made so many financial mistakes in my earlier years. I worked hard, but I didn't work smart!


As a CFP professional, my goal is to pass on the wisdom I've gained, so you don't make the same mistakes starting out as I did!

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Financial Therapy

We tend to think that financial management is solely about strategising and calculating ways to grow and protect our wealth, when in truth, our relationship with money is deeply emotional.


When we don't feel financially secure, managing our financial health can feel like an overwhelming struggle. But money doesn't have to be your nemesis.

While most financial planners focus on numbers, I prefer to start with emotions. In my practice, I place equal importance on understanding the emotional and financial needs of my clients through confidential, judgement-free conversations.


My goal? To co-create with you an action plan that's simple, stress-free, and effective for your financial goals.



Expert guidance without judgement or pressure.


We journey together, you’ll never walk alone.


A safe space for embracing positive change.

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Here's What To Expect


Introductions &
Initial Consultation

Let’s start with a casual conversation to get to know each other better. This initial chat will be a safe, confidential space for us to discuss any money-related questions you may have. We’ll also explore any personal or financial goals you have in mind, then I’ll propose a consultation plan based on your needs and budget. If you’re comfortable to proceed, I’ll assign some ‘homework’ at the end of the session to understand your financial status better.

100% free. 100% confidential.

getting started with a financial health assessment rachel-liew-cfp-financial-therapist


Getting Started with a
Financial Health Assessment

Just as a doctor performs a diagnosis before giving treatment, I think it’s important to start with an up-to-date assessment of your financial health. I’ll provide some practical recommendations based on an analysis of your current cash flow and net worth, and with your input, we’ll establish a few practical financial goals to work at achieving together.


Follow-up Guidance
and Coaching

Follow-up sessions are important accountability checkpoints for your progress. Making a financial lifestyle change isn’t easy especially at the start. We’ll meet regularly to discuss challenges you’re facing and focus on any financial areas you may need additional support on (e.g. investments, personal tax, planning for a family).

follow-up guidance and coaching rachel-liew-cfp-financial-therapist
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A Holistic Approach
to Financial Wellbeing
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prevail rachel-liew-cfp-financial-therapist
preserve rachel-liew-cfp-financial-therapist
prosper rachel-liew-cfp-financial-therapist


Protecting your wealth from risk factors is the first step to financial peace of mind.


Prevail over any money concerns when you achieve your financial goals.


Preserving the value of your wealth against rising inflation requires wise investing.


Prosper in the long run by growing your wealth and creating a legacy to pass on to your loved ones.

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Hafi client testimonial rachel-liew-cfp-financial-therapist

Rachel asks those questions lingering at the back of your mind. It's unnerving when we grow up in a society that shies away from talk about finances yet expects you to be smart about it. So—with your palms and grown-up voice, you do the best to kick off that conversation about your money—the mismanagement, the lack of, or even what to do with the little money you do have. Like a good friend, Rachel listens, unlike them, however, she offers more viable financial solutions.


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